A bit about myself.


So today in Ohio it is snowing, but the sun is shining hence If you don’t like the weather right now, it’s Ohio wait five minutes. I am a student at a small town Ohio high school. I have lived here for the last 11 years. I say I hate it, but honestly theres nowhere else I’d rather be right now. I play soccer and judo. Soccer at my school as a goalkeeper, and judo at our local YMCA. Sam Miller is my absolute best friend, dont know what I’d do without that boy. As a freshmen I opted for some of the more challenging courses at school among these are Beginning Mandarin 1, Biology, as well as Honors Lit, and Honors World Studies. The classes are good, school is pretty exciting, ending out our first grading period with 2 bomb threats. Never a dull moment at DHS. Oop snowing again, well its OH wait 5 minutes.


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