Sleepovers and Snow


Today is Becca’s 12th birthday party. Her birthday was almost a month ago, but a series of unfortunate events delayed the arrival of her party. So after a day of shopping, at both Aldis and Walmart, (i boycotted any black Friday shopping) we are finally ready to go. Aldis was for food, I swear girls… we are pigs. So much food for tonight. Our trip to Walmart was for duct tape(for a fashion game) and some household needs. Its weird to think that she is 12, its like just last week we were playing with bubbles in our front lawn. But hey, that happens right?  I also made my first plans to go sledding today with my friend Layne. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no snow on the ground, the plan is for our first snow day. I am so ready for this season. I love Christmas so much. So for any of you that saw Edie Murphy’s Imagine That you will love this bit of conversation I overheard from the living room today. Becca said” Mom! Can we get Imagine That for my party tonight?” Mom ” we saw that in the theater Becca” Becca “I know but I never got to see the princesses! Made me lol, so thats that. If you dont like it, this is Ohio just wait 5 minutes!


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