The evolution of the ipod.


So Becca has finally been sucked in to the wonderful cult that is mastered by what is, the ipod. So I thought I would do some research. Here is a timeline of events that cover the meticulate evolution of this technological advancment.

2001 (World Trade Center bombing)

October- The ipod is announced to be sold for $399

November- A Legend is born, as Apple’s ipod hits the shelves

2002 (The Giants won the World Series)

March- release of the 10g. Ipod and Custom engraving.

July- Ipod rolls out its new 20g. with touch wheel as opposed to the click wheel.

August- Ipod becomes available to Windows users

2003 (The Columbia space shuttle disintegrates during reentry.)

April- Itunes music store is welcomed into the family

September- 40g. Ipod introduced

October- Itunes goes cross-platform

2004 (President George W. Bush is elected as President)

January- A small, colorful model is created, its name- the ipod mini

October- The Color screen ipod for your picture and media pleasure has arrived.  60g is born.

2005 (Star Wars Episode 3 blasts the box office)

January- The stick of gum sized shuffle is born 9THIS IS MY FAV!)

September- Hello Nano, this sleek new player will move into the place of the much loved mini.

October- Meet 30 and 60g nano, for a good price you can fit the whole music world in your pocket

2006 (the steelers win the superbowl.)

February- Apple adds a 1g Nano to the collection

September- the second generation is born

2006-2008 (the war in Iraq carries on)

2009 (Barrack Obama takes office as US President)

The Ipod touch 3G and the Newest Nano (with video capabilities) are released just in time for Christmas!

The Ipod id a legend that will live long and die hard in American culture, Id like to think it marked an era in technology. It has put portable music in the limelight, kudos to the folks at apple.

many thanks go to the guys at Macworld, here is a url with all of the info for this post


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