The Morning After!


Yes today would be the morning after the madness of a 6th grade girl’s slumber party. All the guests havn’t left yet, but hey, its better than it was last night. Becca had done a quick google search to find some fun party games. The first game they played was involving a colored, lettered, sticker. Each girl was given a sticker, they then had to go around the circle and say there favorite food, color, and class at school without using that letter. Yeah, that went over really well…not. The next game they played was called newspaper fashion designer. The girls split into two teams to design an outfit for their model with newspaper and duct tape. Our teams however were slightly uneven so yes, yours truly had to play. That was traumatizing. This comming from the martial arts student. They seemed to enjoy themselves though. After that I broke out some music and they played cards and had some food, and sorta wailed along with the music ranging anywhere from Tay Swift to The Who.  Finally around 9:30 pm all the girls had arrived (thats like two hours late) and they opened presents and had cake. As soon as that was over the ladies all sat down and mom put a movie in. I dont know how long that lasted but by the time they put in the second one I was out cold. Mom said she had to come down around 2:30 am and put them in there place but that was bound to happen. Im sure they all had a great time. Just remember if you dont like it, this is Ohio wait 5 minutes


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