Hipsters, seriously they’re a stereotype.


Its a sunny day in Ohio, warm too. The point however was not to discuss the weather.  We all know those people who are just on the very edge of those cultural, and fashion curves. Perhaps even a bit off it. Most are proud members of this “group” persay, and will glady flaunt it with pleasure. That guy in your work place who only istens to bands that NOBODY on the planet has ever heard of, and his favorite band changes bi-weekly. Or that chick in your bio class who wears all the colored tutus, and claims that Pushing Daisies and Aressted Development were the best shows ever on, as they bop along happily to to the Flight of the Choncords tunes. The sort however, that bothers me the most are the ones who decide they no longer like something because everyone else is into it. In claiming to have individuality they tend to lean more towards the “shock-factor” because they need to be noticed. Not that my own opinions dont change on a regular basis, I just like to shape my own without the pop culture curve. Donnt get me wrong a little bit of abnormal taste is good in completly immersing one’s self in culture, but constant exposure and desire for attention is harming to a persons self asteam. When we leave high school, nobody really cares about the “shock-factor” anymore. And the so called “hipsters” will need to find a new source of attention. Hopefully for the better. This post was inspired to me by John Harrington, an editor of our school’s paper The Crimsonian. So thanks to John for his article, glad to use it as research for my post. If you dont like it, this is Ohio wait 5 minutes. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the comment box.



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