Converse Code of Conduct

Yes, as promised this post was written by my friend Layne, here ya go
Own a pair of Converse All–Stars? Thinking about getting a pair of Chucks? Here are some rules to consider before you slip into your next pair Converse shoes:
1. First and foremost: love your Chucks unconditionally.
No matter what, love your shoes! For better or for worse, those shoes are yours!

2. Don’t abuse them.
Be nice to your shoes! Don’t put them through unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Try not to keep your shoes squeaky clean.
Let your Converse get a bit dirty. This shows what you and your shoes have been through together.

4. Make them your own!
It’s okay to add your own personal flair to your Chucks. Put cool laces on or doodle on them.

5. Wear them with everything!
Converse go well with everything! They look good with all types of jeans, skirts and dress. Wear them for formal occasions. Wear them with leg warmer or crazy socks. And remember – they don’t necessarily have to match the rest of your outfit!

6. Wear them everywhere!
No matter where you’re going and what you’re wearing, put your Converse on! Going grocery shopping? Wear your Chucks! Taking your dog on a walk? Wear your Chucks! Going spelunking? Wear your Chucks!

7. Lastly, wear your Converse shoes until they are completely worn out.
Don’t stop wearing your chucks until you absolutely have too. Once they are “loved” to the point of destruction, throw them away and remember the good times you spent with your shoes. However, move on! There are more converse to be worn!


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