The optimist in its natural habitat

Hello there,

As a person I do not consider myself optimistic. However people that I learn and work with cease to amaze me. Not everybody had the best break and I still have a teacher who managed to pull herself together for us today. That takes a lot, honestly. It is so much easier to just be insane all day. The optimist fascinates me. He is the man in a shark attack who has his arm bit off, and instead of saying “Gah my arm!” he says ” Oh well, at least it wasn’t my left arm!”. I know this guy who has fought with drugs and alcohol for along tme. He is however probably the sweetest guy in the world. And tries whole heartedly to quit. Those people amaze me. I think that is because they are what I lack. I am not positive. Nor do I have faith in people. I have faith in my God. But I do not trust easily. Selfless, happy, people who don’t care about anything but the happiness of others that is a cause worth believing in. So lets pray for the optimist, and for the not so optimistic. We all need a little something right now eh? Hey if you didn’t like this post, this is Ohio wait five minutes.


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