Opinions are like bellybuttons!

Hey There,

I am done. I am done hiding my opinion for the sake of other people. It’s not what others think of me that matters anymore. Its what I think and feel about my own opinions. I LOVE feed back. Honest to God love it. However, just because I am willing to debate with you dosnt mean that I will not change my opinion because of what you have said. I don’t work that way. what I say is what I believe. Sorry if that upsets you…wait no I am not sorry. I like having the ability to think and act for myself, therefore I do not need the opinions of everyone else to attack me. Please feel free to share your opinion with me, If you know me, you know how I am. If you don’t I’m sorry that your reading my rant. I like to believe myself to be a fairly open person. I listen to people and try to understand there point of view. On occasion I am loud. I am abrasive, and I hold myself without any grace. Most of the time though I am polite, and organized and poised. That is the main reason why I do not need others opinions being shoved down my throat. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. So for those of us who know our own opinions, lets try not to freak out on the next guy who tries to push there opinion on you. Use your wit. Talk your way through. And for the opinion-shovers, please understand that you can share your opinion without intimidating or having to change someone else’s thoughts. In the end opinions are like bellybuttons, we’ve all got them and there basically useless. Crappy stuff will happen even though I believe that President Obama can pull us through. But hey, this is Ohio, wait 5 minutes. Somethings bound to change.



  1. Way to pull the president into that rant! 😉
    However, even though he is our president and possibly the best person to be in office at this point, he’s can’t pull us through everything. He’s one man!

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