Its a Beautiful Day

Hey You,

So a friend of mine let me know today what we really need to be living for. Do you ever wake up and feel like its going to be the absolute worst day of your life? Or like that upperclassmen in that one class is going to judge you for every move you make? How about the guy at work who you just despise? I get that. I am an akaward, goofy, freshmen. However, Dylan said something that really woke me up. “Sometimes when life sucks, I just remember how good I got it.” This led me to the song Beautiful Day by U2. Everyones heard it, most love it, and it sets a great mood. Sometimes we just have to stop and think about how good we have it. I truly take for granted how when I wake up in the morning the water in my shower runs clean. Or that when I speak my mind, that there are men in other countries protecting my rights to that. Do you realize that? Its hard to consider. Sometimes I take all of it without a second thought, more recently however I have become very aware of how lucky I am. For instance, my parents are deeply in love. My father, dosnt take out his anger by getting drunk then beating the crap out of me and my mom and sister. My fridge is full, even when I respond like an ignorant teen “there is nothing in the fridge to EAT!!” I took me a while to get the concept of not having food. I saw a family a little while back,  that was at my share-a-Christmas fundraiser with nothing to eat. I felt horrid, it was very eye opening. So for those of you out there who are reading this going “I dont take anything for granted! Im amazong!) Humble your gosh darn self! Try to see the grace, and little things in life…and for Al Bergman, Have a blessed Christmas!


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