Time flies when youre searching for a college


So I am a freshmen at my high school. However I just cant help but constantaly think abotu colleges. I am so enthrawled by the whole idea if being out on my own. I want so badly to impress people, please my parents, and get the needed education for my desired career path. I dont want to fall short of anyones expectations. I am aware that it is difficult to get into good schools. I am so willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. This is going to sound horible, but if that means stepping on some people in the process than thats what I will do. The deep desire to become a surgeon overtakes me every time I think about it. To be able to take something that is broken and fix it so somebody gets to live just escapes my mind for right now. the only way thats ever going to happen though, is if I get into the right school, and the right programs. Anybody know of any good programs? I’ll take all the help I can get. High school is insane enough. Considering I’m only a freshmen I am probably getting worried for no good reason. On the other hand however, I do not want tpo remain just average for the rest of my life. I cant do that. I do not have the ability to grow up, go to a tiny college move back home and teach or work in a bank. No offense to anyone with that lifestyle, that is whta you chose. Im sure iuts great for you. I just know that as a person I wouldnt truly be satisfied. The Bible says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has ebough worries of its own.” I do not knwo how to react to that. The idea of not worrying eludes me. I simply cannot do it. For now im just going to have to live with the idea I guess. Ah well, goodby and goodnight,



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  1. You could come to Oklahoma and go to OU and work at my hospital! You would even get some spoiling from your favorite aunt ;0) Just work hard and do your best! you will succeed in your quest if that is truly what you wish to do. I struggled all through high school and was discouraged by many to NOT pursue my career path, as I would NOT make it! Well, as you know, I DID succeed and walked right into my dream job. Although I don’t hold that specific job anymore, God opened a window for me that kept me in the same hospital, but in a much better position. It is hard not to worry, as it is human nature. Having faith is difficult for folks of any age. We just need to trust in HIM!

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