Change rules the modern lifestyle. It is within our daily lives. On occasion it has a large impact on our lives. Sometimes our friends move away, or we make bad choices leading to a major change in our personal lives. Most times, the change we experience is small. We go from home to the car. Then the car to school. The change is in our atmosphere. I’m sure most of us act differently in each situation. In my home I know the boundaries. I understand what is a joke, then what is more serious. On my way to school  in the car with friends almost everything said, or done is meant as a joke. I would also like to think that I hold myself at a higher standard during the school day. The change in my behavior is a social norm. As the norms change, so will how people behave in society. One change tends to affect another. If I choose to not write my history paper then I will fail it. If I fail my paper, my grade goes down. This happens because I changed my study habits for one night. So I guess even the little things have a large impact as well. Ah well, its late. Goodnight.



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  1. Good stuff. The way we stop change from ruling our lives is the way we react to it. I may not be able to control changes, but I can control how I react to the change. I can fear it or cheer it or take it in stride. I can use it or snooze it: it’s me that decides. Wow. A poet! LOL.

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