Life, Friends, and Food


Today I am going to make Chocolate Zabaglione. It is  a step up for me as I am not often in the kitchen to cook. It should be good. At least I hope so. Today is a snow cancellation day for  most schools in the Ohio area. We got hit wiht quite a bit of snow last night. This gives me the proper oppertunity to make my dessert. I am fairly excited as I have yet to make anything so intricate. I realized today that my life is fantastic. I have nothing to complain about. I have the best friend in the world. MY grades are good and my family is healthy. Its times like these when I know that everything will be okay with everything eventually. Life is not just for existing anymore, i think that life may actually be for living. SOmetimes its hard to tell. And perhaps the greener grass on the otherside is just turf. So I will be happy with the grass on my side. The real stuff is so much better anyway. I dont understand a lot of things about life yet. I dont get why peopl discriminate agianst race. I cant understand why some folks dont have enough to eat. I hear these things happen all the time but I dont understand that while I am sitting here at my computer there are men in Iraq fighting a war for us. Those men have to belong to someone right? I just dont get it. All of the concepts of the worlds flaws escape me. And I am happy to not have to deal with them until I understand them. Most of the time I can just understand my biology notes. Let alone the reasons why so many people have to die for us to walk in peace. Its kind of a round about way of doing thing I think. But maybe I have the wrong perception. I guess its all in perspective, its all a matter of where you stand. From five feet one inch, its hard to see whats happening around you. Maybe its me. Whatever.




  1. All good comments and questions Em. I hate to tell you this, but the view from 5′ 11” and 64+ years is not always great either. I do know from my own experience that “fighting” for some things and for the people I love is worth the pain and suffering. You are right that it does not always make sense how we go about doing things. But, we are all prone to error, pride, and sin unfortunately. All we can do is trust in our Savior and learn everything we can from Him as we try to follow Him and His teachings. Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of my “lean on” verses. Keep on writing. You are doing a great job. And how about the Zabaglione? Did it come out good? Yum!

    1. Actually Sally, we didnt have enough eggs. So I need to buy some before I can start it. Hopefully I can concoct it tomorrow though. Thanks for the feedback


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