What would you do?


Our world is full of wonder, and awe. Why dot you see that when you look out the front door? My question for you today is What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail? For me personally I don’t know what I would attempt to accomplish. Many people will tell you that they would Create a cure for cancer. Others would end world hunger. In the end guys, those are really  possible. In the large spectrum of things, this can be done without failure. The difference between failure and success? Deciding to try again. If you don’t get your dream to work on the first try and give up, thats failure. But if you just go at it no matter how many times you get kicked around, if you try it until you get it right, you have succeeded in every way possible. Not only did you accomplish what you wanted, you have gained enough experience to help someone do it right even faster. failure is hard. I understand that. I tend to be cocky and arrogant. failure is bad for my ego, however if you don’t learn from it then yeah, you suck. I have learned though, that from every failed attempt I can learn one more way to get it right next time. You get up, tell yourself it wont happen again, then move on. So I guess if I could do anything without failure I would go big. Because without the experience, what is the dream?



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