Oh my…accountability. Thats a scary thing right? No, wrong. How hard is it to just be there for somebody, anybody for that matter. Sure you can argue that you dont want to trust someone or waste time trying. However if you never try…how do you know it was wasted time. What if you have just shut out the one person that needs you most? Now I am not saying be super clingy and aware of all your friends issues all the friggin’ time. I am saying however, time spent for someone else is NEVER wasted. If you have a friend with a problem, be there. Be accountable for them. And be accounted for. I’m sure you want somebody to be there for you if you need them. I know that I do. And I do have the person or people I guess who I trust and who are always there. I have my people that I am always there for as well. Thats important for someone. No matter how old. The 9 year old boy across the street needs you to be accountable just like your friends you hang out with all the time. Not trying is the same is failing. Personally I dont want to be remembered as having failed my friends. Maybe thats my pride showing but I dont mind letting it off its leash sometimes. It is magnificently important that you are always there for those you care about. Maybe every now and then… thats all it will take. For me being around those who I’ve known my whole life makes me comfortable. Being there for others is even better. If your friend needs you… or just needs to be, then be accountable for them. Please. Well I’m out. Haven’t gotten around to Zabaglione yet.



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