Love is Blind


Being brought up in a Christian home I have learned a few things about love. Love is patient, love is kind, it is not boastful or proud either. But my favorite thing that the I dont think the Bible mentiones is that love is blind. Love dosnt care if you are rich or poor, red or blue, tall or short, fat or thin. Love is more than an emotion, its a connection between two people. Not just a man and a woman. Two people. Sure it is not socially acceptable for a man to walk down the road hand in hand with another man. Or for two women to sit in the park and kiss. No its not a social “norm” but love is blind. If love dosnt see race, how does it see gender. Why do folks have to be so harsh, and cruel towards this lifestyle. If you can find love then you are one step ahead of most people. To find somebody to stand by you no matter what is so…I cant really wrap my mind around it actually. So who the heck cares if its someone of the same sex? I think more power to them. They have the same right to be in love as anyone else. I guess that maybe i’m wrong. But maybe i’m right. God sees divorce as wrong as well. But thats okay in our social environment? Okay, yup that makes sense. Feel free to comment on this post.




  1. Perhaps our family is unique, but we all hug and kiss each other, guys included. I feel comfortable doing this to my sons and I did it with my Dad. The only person I hold hands with, other than helping a young grandchild cross a dangerous intersection, is my wife. That is reserved for her and her alone.

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