Flying is Easy, Its the Landing that Kills


When I think of happiness two words come to mind. Emotional High. When you’ve hit that high you walk on air. Everything is good. Life is wonderful, you cant get angry. Then you crash. Something sets you off and there goes the happiness of that emotional high. Its gone. You are flat on you back with speed and impact. And it kills. You dont know where to go from there, your head is throbbing and your heart is racing. What are you going to do? Well, you have two choices. You can go right back to lying low, living life and being impatient and unfair to the people in your life. Let that be your boss or the kid that delivers your paper every morning. Or, if you can muster up enough strenght you could pick yourself up off the ground and take off again. Yup, that is hard. In fact it is really difficult. But sometimes and im just spitting here but sometimes if you put yourself through that mess, you tend to come out on the other side better then ever. Sometimes its worth the pain.



One comment

  1. It has been said that the valleys help us appreciate the mountain top experiences more. Without pain, we might not appreciate the joy of not being in pain. Also we might grow too comfortable in our easy lives and think we can live and do everything ourselves without others and without God. That would be sad…

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