Jesus was a PC


I just thought about this. PC vs. Mac war and I realized that unlike his father, Jesus was a PC. God was creative and did everything in a one shot process except he totally had to go back and restore the corrupted program with Noah and that big boat thing. *cough…mac…cough, cough* Now dont get me wrong macs are great for what God wanted to do. He wanted a masterpeice and yup Macs are artsy and creative but if you want to get the job done right, you have to go pc. It just has to happen. Pc is great for cutting out files and nothing is ever really gone, gone. You can go back and find that file you deleted. No biggy. Jesus came to save us. He worked, it was all work for him. He only locked up and shut down a few times. And didnt freak out everytime he started a new “program” (mac). Proof that Jesus was a PC, so was Joseph though. Hard working guy like himself. He had to be a PC. Jesus always improvised too. Another great PC quality. Oh I cant open this document in word, okay I will just go save it as something else. Ta-da! Fixed up and ready to go. Sort of like the feading of the many. Coincidence? I think not. Ah well. So obvioulsy there were no computers back in Jesus times. The point that I am really trying to make is that Jesus was a hardworking guy. He went big all the time. I heard once that even if you strip all the theology from the life of Christ and live by that alone, you’ve got it right. Personally the Christ part helps. But I just keep remembering to either go big, or go home. Thats what Jesus did. (He really was a PC)




  1. Interesting thoughts. However, just like the discussion of whether God is man or woman, God encompasses all the good of both since He created both.

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