I like to color. I like it a lot. They smell, the feel, the idea that nothing else matters except staying inside the lines. Some peole run or listen to music. That helps them get through the day. I color. Yup, that is a bit strange. But it is so stress releiving to sit with your crayons and a blank sheet of paper and just color. I think maybe people are a lot like crayons too.  You’ve got pink ones. Happy bubbly people who are fun to be around and good for talking. And red, the most used. Fits in well and is eye catching. Red is a great color. And blue.  I think that blue is the best for monochrome art. It goes well wiht other blues and dosnt have to try very hard. Green. Green is fresh and clean. Its the kid that recycles every single piece of paper they ever get. Green makes me smile. Grey, Black, White. They all stick out. But they also blend well. The loners. Its okay. Life happens. Yellows are happy but go well in a lot of things. However you can always see them. People who make themselves known but do not have to try to hard to get there.  Oh purples. Purple just dosnt fit a lot of the time. It is a stuck up crayon that you cant do much with unless you’re coloring a dinosaur or grapes. People who dont get along with others or try not to would be purple. However in the end, i dump them all out of the same box and mark the clean white paper with them. It is a lot like life. Sometimes you have to be in line behind the overly happy guy at Starbucks at 6 am. Other times you are the really happy guy. My father always reminded me when I was younger, and still to this day that perspective is all a matter of where you stand. In the end this is all we’ve got. We all come out of and fit into the same box. You just have to find your niche.




  1. Very well said Em. The nice thing about crayons and life is that even when you are old and gray you can still be red or blue or yellow or even burnt orange. Age has nothing to do with your attitude and the choices you make. Sure there are seemingly bigger issues when one reaches a greater age, but I am sure to every person of every age, their issues and problems are just as tough and just as “life-threatening”. So, as much as possible, I will continue to pick the primary colors mostly, a few way out colors when appropriate, and I might even color out side the lines once in awhile. Trusting in God again today is all I can do and is the best thing I can do. Color on friend!

  2. and Em is totally a little bit of every color… (except purple) good to talk to, calm, stands out easily, happy, caring, a great friend 🙂

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