Things My Father Says


Everybody grows up with those funny, or sometimes not so funny things your parents say. My dad has a way with words one could say. If they were being polite and he was within earshot. No, i’m kidding, mainly because he will probably read this. But my parents have always said things to me that have made seeing where i’m am worng, or right a bit easier. However its usually more to the affect of showing the wrong but thats just part of adolescnets I guess. As teenagers we tend to be wrong a lot more then we are right. And as Ive learned a lot of the time it is just easier to give in and be wrong anyways even if you think you’re right.  In the words of my father, perspective is all a matter of where your standing. Quite literally meaning just because thats how you see it, does not mean that thats how everyone else sees it. Or just because you think your way is right, it probably is not. That one really applies well to life. My other favorite is a actually an Einstein quote. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. My dad uses this with ALMOST everything. Quite honestly it means dont keep going at something expecting a better answer if you dont modify the question.  I dont always understand why he says what he says but he does and I guess thats life. Ah well, he may be right. I may be crazy



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