The Next Four Years


“The next four years here will be the best and worst years of your entire life.”  Anyone who has ever entered high school has heard that. Most will agree with it. In high school you do a lot of groundbreaking things. You lose people, you gain people, some people stay with you. Losing people is hard. Its not a fun thing. And once their gone, their gone. You cant do anything more to be with them if they dont want the same thing. Gaining people is even harder. You dont want to let go, make room, or even share with them. You’re six years old again and everyone is just running around on the playground trying ever so desperately to fit in. And for those who stay with you, you owe everything to that farmilliar face. In high school you find your niche. Youre either the prep, the loner, the geek, or whatever else you get labled. That however changes. Sometimes I dont think people understand that we have got to be good to everyone. You never know whos ass your kissing tomorrow. Sometimes I just cant help but think how much I want to be in college, other times I really want ot go back to the 2nd grade. I dont really know what i’m supposed to feel. I just know that I am happy. So let the rain come down. Bring it on.



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  1. I can see how, from your perspective, that the next 4 years (or the last 4 years) are the best or worst days of your life. I probably thought that when I was your age also. But from my current perspective, I can see that every day is the most important day of our lives because it could be our last one here on earth. Now this is not said to be maudlin or depressing, but to help place emphasis on what is important. Today you and I will encounter people: friends, relatives, new people, etc. How we treat them is important, not because of our future relationship to them necessarily, but because of how we may be the only “Jesus” they will meet, or at least meet at some important time in their lives. If we can give someone a glimpse of the Love of God for just one minute even, it may make an eternal difference in someone else’s life.
    One other thing to remember is that in this crazy digital age we live in, it is quite possible that you may be able to stay in touch with many more people throughout your life than you or I could ever imagine. I just found friends that I had not seen, written to, or talked to in the last 40 or 50 years on Facebook. And now we can resume our friendship. Pretty neat stuff.
    Staying happy is good stuff. Matthew 5 talks about a more important verb. In the Beatitudes, Jesus says we are blessed if we live a certain way. Some translations of the Bible use the word happy instead, but blessedness is not based on happenstance or what’s going on around us. Check it out sometime.
    Sorry for the long comment.

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