Because We Have To


Life is hard. There I said it, now it’s out in the open. We do things on impulse. Incredibly stupid things that I really cannot understand. We push people away and then on a rare occasion we make a good choice and decide to keep them in our lives. I mean seriously what in the name Pete is wrong with the human race. We a re so incredibly difficult. As people we just cant bear the thought of having to actually do something selfless and yet others must be completely selfless towards us. What is that all about? However every now and then we do things because we have to. And I dont mean brushing your teeth or calling your parents if you’re going to show up late. I mean the honest to God things we do because somewhere deep down in our beings we know we need to do. We, for some insane reason, reach out to one another. We dont do this to look good in front of another, or to gain brownie points with anybody. We do these things because we genuinely know that it is right. You see somebody, anybody who just isnt quite ticking right and you just reach out. Maybe not even that. You just smile because you know they need it. It is quite a crazy thing. But we do it because we have to. I dont know, but its all the little “because we have toos” that keep everybody going.



  1. Well said. I tend to think that for me it is the nudging of the Holy Spirit, that piece of God that lives in me, that inspires me to wake up and do something “right”. Of course, I can suppress or ignore that nudging too, which unfortunately happens too often. Thankfully, He is more persistent than I am..

  2. Emily, this is so true! Life is DIFFICULT, so lets make it worth it….When God hints that we should help someone in a certain way/ or let a little of our greed go and give up something, don’t ignore it! Live for others and you will be blessed in return.

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