We dont pick them. Well eventually we do. But the ones who raise you, you dont have a choice. Eventually I will grow up, move out of this house, town, state, etc. But for now they are who i belong to/with. Yeah, Ive got my friends. But at the end of the day, in my home its just the 4 of us. Thats important. Family are the people who when the whole world has walked out on you, you can count on to pick you up off your butt. Thats why we were granted with such an amazing gift. God didn’t want anybody to be alone. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes somebody is left all alone. But thats not how it is actually supposed to be. He didn’t want kids to have to live in mass homes becase they have no parents. He didn’t want cancer to kill peoples family. It just happens. That is why when people take their family for granted it just makes me chuckle. Because, sure I could kill my sister someday. But I would deffinentlay kill for her any day. That is what you are supposed to have in your family. Nobody should ever HAVE to deal with the lack of a family. Sometimes families suck. That happens to. Why? I have no idea. Tends to be that a really crappy childhood tends to really help out in adulthood but it can leave a human being lost forever. Every relationship that you have ois based off the initial ones you form with those who raise you. And I guess in that case it isn’t really who raised you because it does take a village. But every relationship is like a redo of your first relationship. Those with your family. We spend our whole entire lives and countless people trying to perfect the relationship. Obviously without realizing that “perfecting” a relationship is impossible as both parts are purely human. Its going to be hard and its not always going to be fun. Suck it up and make nice. People are mostly good you just have to get past all the crap that tends to come with them. Baggage. I like my family. They are incredibly essential to my life. I just dont understand why everyone feels that way. Whatever



  1. You and I are two very fortunate people int hat we both come from good and caring families. As you said, this will and does affect us our whole lives. Some are not as fortunate. Of those, some will overcome the bad start and others will not. This is one place we, and the church can help. We can be family to those who have none or who don’t have a good one to start with. A pretty good example is the story of Michael Oher as told in The Blind Side. Keep the wisdom coming.

    1. This was an interesting post, Emily. I am enjoying reading your blog.

      Ah, Family. I’ve been blessed, myself. I am the oldest of 5 children. Believe it or not, my parents were married before I was born, and are still together after 39 years. Although growing up in a small home with 6 other people was difficult with one bathroom, I didn’t know any different. We learned to share and to appreciate all we had.

      My mother was a stay at home mom; the hardest job in the world, an my dad was an electrician. Dad worked long hours, and holidays, and traveled every day to where the work was. Sometimes, it was Pennsylvania.

      My parents taught me to work for what you want. What you receive is directly tied to how much effort you put in. My mother taught me to be kind. My father taught me to love nature. My brothers and sisters taught me to laugh and how to make your own fun with simple conversation.

      I thought this was what every family was like.

      I’ve been a teacher in public schools for 15 years, now. I’ve met a lot of families. Do you know that I rarely come across a student who lives with both biological parents? Do you know how many brothers and sisters kids have nowadays who have different last names than they do?

      I am not saying this is wrong. Sometimes when a family breaks up, it’s for the very best.

      What I am saying is that it’s difficult for me to relate to the situations of some of the kids I care for and teach because their families are so influential to them, and I have no reference for these relationships. Some children really want someone to listen to them. I can do that, but there is not much useful advice I can give.

      I could try, but it’s very difficult to be helpful to a child whose parents are getting a divorce. All I can do is listen, and dry their tears when they cry.

      I wish everyone could grow up knowing the love I have had from my family. It grows stronger every day. I wish everyone was willing to work as hard as my parents did to make a good life for their children. I wish everyone had the will to teach their children to be kind and to appreciate the gift of wonder.

      Thank you God. Thank you for the gift of my family.

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