The Race

Life moves fast. It moves hard. The strong survive. The fast stick with. Only the sound of soul, morals and mind do well. It isnt always the greatest to have to get up in the morning and lace up your shoes, go to the starting block, and hit the ground running. We’d all love to start out at a slow jog then pick it up at our own pace. We can’t life isnt always pretty. It’s totally a blood and guts sport. But you know what’s really horrible? We all end at the same spot, but nobody starts the same. Some folks have to start a mile back, others are two laps ahead. You know who’s got it right though? The guy who watched his opponent stumble out of the block and trip over the starting line, and stops what hes doing to go over and pick him up and carry him to the lap mark. That would be the guy who is not only running his race, but knows what it is like to be on the ground. Perspective is always a matter of your standing point. You might be in the lead, but if you cant look around and see the guy who tripped and fell over the last hurdle, you are not really getting the gist of the race. If your in last place and still lending a hand to the guy on his but, in my eyes you’ve won. But, somebodys got to be on top, why not me? : )


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