The Big 15

Hey There,

So theres about 15 of these little buggers.

1. Read an article from the paper every morning.

2. Always check your answers in the back of the book, but never cheat.

3. If you cant pronounce it, dont eat it.

4. If you’re comfortable with what you put on this morning then your fine.

5. Guys, when its cold out offer her your coat. Its a nice gesture and you dont have to hear us complain about being freezing.

6. Learn to spell. People like folks who can spell.

7. Say “Bless You” everytime you hear somebody sneeze.

8. Call men ‘Sir’ and women ‘Ma’am’ Its just polite.

9. If you arent in the armed forces do not salute. That is reserved for those who fight so you can sleep soundly.

10. Gump was wrong. Life is not like candy. It’s like life and your analogy sucks.

11. Don’t wait to tell people you care for them. Not even your friends. Let them know often and be genuine.

12. Do not shove your religion on someone else. Its okay to believe what you do, dont force others to though, thats just rude.

13.  The world is not that small. Lend a hand. Charity is pretty therapeutic.

14.  Talk to the people in your home. You matter to them, they want to hear from you

15. Don’t judge others. Life plays out differently for everyone. You don’t get to pretend you understand.


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