Courage is not easy to define. Society sees it as a hero. From Superman to the Marine Corps, images of the “ideal” courage flash through our daily lives. I think they’re wrong. Now, I don’t mean to imply that Superman was lame or that our men and women in the service are not courageous. I mean that to me courage is best shown in the gay high school kid who is not afraid to stand up and be proud of himself. It is shown in the Christian girl who sticks to God and braves the world even when nobody is on her side. It’s shown when a father reaches out and tells his son that it’s okay to feel emotion.  The most courageous is the person who fears nothing in standing up and saying “I’m in over my head, somebody help me.” That’s courage. Sometimes the bravest, most noble thing we can do is admit that we need a hand up off the ground and a little guidance. To me courage is being who you are through any adversity. Courage is going out of the everyday normalcy and being something better for yourself , and those you love.  I guess that is really all that matters; never giving up on who you are.


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