Human beings are creatures of habit. We are rarely spontaneous. People will stand in neutral their whole lives. Thinking things like “I can do this, it’s going to be alright, well, maybe not.” or “This isn’t safe, maybe I should go back, yeah back to where I’m sure it’s safe.”. Don’t get me wrong, safety is important, however if safety was the natural instinct nobody would have ever made it out of the womb. People walk a bridge their entire lives. Some people just pace back and forth, thinking about standing up on the rail. Others walk along the edge just waiting to be dared to jump off. And a few jump. Some fail and have to swim to the side of the bank to try again later. Some, however, get really lucky, jump at just the right time and what about them? They fly. Those people finally decided to get out of neutral and into gear. I won’t tell you it’s quick or painless, but I hope that it’s worth it. I really do. Right now, in this moment I stand on my bridge, with my back against the rail, just watching as others take that jump. I’ve been there, I’ve failed. Now I’m just waiting to fly. I know some of you are too. You and I want to climb up on the railing and scream at the top of our lungs as we plummet towards the water. Most of all, we want to fly. Nobody wants to go it alone. Nor do you have to. Find someone, find a hand to pull you back up off you knees. Find arms to life you up on the rail. Find legs that will hep you take the step off. Find someone, you want to fly with, someone you want to fail with. If you can find just one other crazy person who wants to jump for the same reasons as you, don’t let that go. Don’t just let them cross your bridge without a hello. Remember, you can live your whole life in fear of the consequences, or you can jump, and just see where that one step takes you. Good, bad, indifferent, it’ll be worth it. Over and Out.


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