Everybody wants to be safe. Pain hurts, failure hurts, rejection hurts, being lied to hurts, loneliness hurts. We learn to build up walls to protect ourselves; this way nothing gets through. We make them layers thick, and miles high. We don’t want anyone to climb them or even worse, destroy them. People spend their whole lives making boundaries. We do it to keep ourselves safe. What happens though is that people pretty much live the Pavlov theory. We are creatures of habit. Once we feel rejection, we hardly ever go after that again. It hurt so bad the last time, why feel that ever again? Because, maybe next time it won’t hurt. Maybe this time it’ll change our lives. Nobody wants to touch the hot stove more then once. It hurts. Life hurts. It will pick you up and throw you around in so many different combinations that every single time will bring a whole new sort of pain. But maybe, just maybe next time instead of the horrific pain or being rejected and alone you can feel the tranquility and the genuine happiness of having someone, anyone, something, anything at your side. Boundaries aren’t bad things until they become your life. You can spend your whole entire time on this planet making up plans to keep yourself safe, or you can stand up and say “This could be fun.” and just do something because it feels good. Maybe it’ll hurt, it could be the worst pain you’ve ever felt. But, can you walk away knowing full well that it could give you the most wonderful feeling in the world? You can either live your life on the sidelines or you can lace up your shoes and get out there and work your butt off trying. It just might be worth it.



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