You want to think labels don’t matter. Not to you. “I’m too good. I never judge people.” It comes in two ways. Either like that or people think that the name they just called that kid didn’t hurt. It did. You couldn’t  see it in his eyes. Kids are labeled the second we are old enough to stop only seeing the best in people. Jock. Nerd. Goth. Emo. Geek. Slob. Freak. Outcast. Bible beater. Queer. The instant we stop seeing the good in people we get labeled. We start to label others. Is that okay? Is that just society today? No. It’s not okay. And who cares if that’s society? Society is meant to be changed. Our generation is supposed to change it. For the better. We are supposed to be color blind, and gender blind, and innocent, and trusting, and loving all the time. That is what we are supposed to be. We are supposed to fix what every generation before us has broke. We are supposed to end racism, homophobia, bullying, economic trouble, corruption. I’d just like to point out that walking down the hall and calling people names…not how that is supposed to go down.  We are supposed to be the good in this world. We are supposed to grow up and make this better. It’s our job to get emotional, it’s our job to help each other, to love each other. Heck, I don’t care if you don’t like the guy who sits behind you in math class. You don’t have to like him. However, you have to be on his side. We are all in this together. Nothing more, nothing less. How are we going to fix these problems if we constantly induce pain (both physical and emotional0 onto one another. I don’t understand why we can’t just set the labels aside and work together. We have a lot in front of us. We have a lot to accomplish. We will not be the generation that failed the world. We will not be the ones who couldn’t live up to that potential. So right now, today, I ask you to set aside the labels and work with one another. I ask this despite of color, gender, sexual orientation, social class, clique, or whatever other barrier that stands between you. Just lend a hand. Or for just once leave them alone. And, never pick on a weaker kid. (Metaphorically and literally) You want to see a weak person? The guy who picks fights with the little guy.  The “man” who terrorizes the little man just because he’s different. So lets be the change. Enough talk, lets do this. Not for our parents. Not for our grandparents. Lets do this for ourselves.


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