I don’t know you. I’ve never met you. Can I call you Sam?

Since the war in Iraq began 4,432 of America’s finest men and women have died. The title of this post is part of the lyrics from Note to the Unknown Soldier by Five for Fighting. So lets call these men and women Sam. He was someones big brother. She was somebody’s mama. He was a woman’s little boy. She was someones everything. Before he boarded the plane his father looked at him and said “Sam, I’m proud of you.”. Sam died fighting for you. He died fighting for me.  He died fighting so I can sit here and write this.  The latest fatality was January 2nd, 2011. That was someone’s child, someones best friend. He died and they had a funeral. His family watched them pull him off the plane in a box. He won’t fight anymore. He won’t call his mom just to talk anymore. He won’t write to his best friend anymore. He died, and now his family has a nice folded flag to set somewhere. He is a hero. Whether you’re pro war, or anti war, how can you say he was anything less than that? How can you say that all 4.432 of the men and women who had family and friends are anything less than a hero? How can you say that any of those brave, and wonderful people are any less than that? Sam died so you can be anti war. He died so you can be a Catholic, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew. She died fighting to protect our right to speak out against the government. Yet still some people can’t call him a hero? I’ve grown up with the war in Iraq. While it does not effect me on a daily basis, I still think that those men and women walk on air. It’s a job I don’t think that I could do without some sort of specialized skill. I’d like to think that if it came down to it, I’d be more than happy to suit up and defend my country. Maybe I will someday. Time will tell. For now though, this is for Sam’s mom, her dad, his wife, her siblings, his best friend, her soul mate. This is for the soldiers we lost. It’s also for the families who lost a soldier. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your soldier’s service. To the men and women who are still fighting, keep on keeping on. You have shown me what being bravery is. Thank you for what you’re doing. You are amazing.



  1. I am proud of you to understand why “Sam” is and was. Thanks for being a patriot and outspoken advocate of Sam. Your wisdom and insight is keen and astute.

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