It’s Over

Lately I’ve not found to much to write about. I wrote about the soldiers and other things. Not much substance was found in either of those topics. However, I’ve found something important that needs to be said. It needs to be heard and it needs to be taken into account. Please take it to heart. Here it goes. This is for Tyler Clementi. It’s for the two ELEVEN year old boys who hung themselves. It’s for every single boy or girl, man or women who has had to deal with being bullied because they are homosexual. Honestly? I’m sick of it. Did you know that Ohio’s schools don’t have rules to protect kids based on sexual orientation related bullying? I didn’t. This is no longer acceptable. It can’t continue to happen. Adults cannot keep turning their heads away. Classmates cannot continue to turn their backs on the people they have grown up with. We can no longer tolerate others letting OUR people, the ones we hold near to us, be torn to pieces because of their sexual orientation. A friend of mine posted on her facebook “Homophobia is just as bad as anti-semitism and racism.” (Alex Struhar). We have done away with both of those things as a country. So please, please enlighten me. What in the name of all that is good makes this any different? What makes this hatred of good, happy, wholesome people right? Please tell me. Someone give me a reason OTHER than “Well God says it’s wrong.”. Listen I love God. He is wonderful and fantastic and awesome, but divorce is wrong. Lying is wrong. Men being in the same room as a woman on her period is wrong (look it up). Shaving is wrong. Cheeseburgers are wrong. So please, now inform me of just what makes it so easy to say “Well that just doesn’t fit to society anymore.”, but ANYBODY will look me in the eye and say that because God said that being gay was wrong. Yeah that makes loads of sense. I’m sick of this. I can no longer handle the cruelty. I can no longer handle the ignorance. So I’m done. And you know what? You want to know something amazing? I’m not gay. I’m not. However, I KNOW what is right. I know that hating people, treating people like they are nothing is wrong. I know that denying people basic human rights is wrong. So I’m done. I’m through with handling this. You ask me in school what I think, prepare to hear my opinion. Same goes for church, or the library, or the gym. I’m done watching these things happen. Whatever this crap is, it’s over.



  1. Hating anyone and bullying anyone is wrong. The number one command we have from God is to love one another as He loved us. This does not mean we have to like everyone nor agree with everyone. It does mean we do respect everyone as fellow humans, created by God. Unfortunately, we are all imperfect and sinners and very often fall short of this command. Unfortunately also, is the fact that life sometimes puts us in places where we are afraid or ignorant and we lash out instead of thinking and trusting in God. If we all were wise and bold enough to put all our passion into following Jesus Christ and His teachings and life, all of these other things would fall into place. But few of us do. Father forgive us once again.

    1. Jack, you are wise. I’m glad that my blog has just started auto approving your comments. I’m glad you comment. I’m glad you do it without being anything other than a gentleman. So for that, I thank you.

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