And Your Point Is…?

So why is it that I keep hearing You really aren’t cut out for this, maybe you should try something easier ? Please, explain to me as to why telling me I can’t do something makes any sense? Have you not noticed just how I operate? So do you not think that I can do this just the same? Honestly, I bust my butt for the things that I want. Soccer, school, music all of it. I accomplish what needs to be done. So I think it’s about time to stop making me think I can’t do something. If you don’t want me to do it, just say it’d be to easy. Tada the end, yay. So that’s the end of my rant.


One comment

  1. Sometimes adults tell you “you aren’t cut out …” or “try something easier” because they aren’t cut out for what ever it is or they weren’t cut out for it. It’s the same when an adult says “I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I made.” Well, you won’t – you’re not that person, you are you, you can’t make someone else’s mistake. Just because they weren’t cut out for it or took an easier route doesn’t mean that it is your path to take as well. Make your own path. The mistakes you make will be yours – the successes you accomplish will also be yours – and you will be all the better for this.

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