The Code

It’s the most sacred bond between two people. The Friend Code. So important, so vaguely described. Here is a definition : Friend Code: (proper noun) what you should call if your friends don’t want to do something. ie: A: I don’t really want to see the movie B: Dude! Friend CODE! A: Aw Man, okay lets go.

1) You DO NOT dime your friend out to ANYBODY. Anybody includes but is not limited to parents, coaches, teachers, the police, lawyers, the FBI, and other friends. (exception: you’re friend is doing something that is bad for them or those around them. Then you tell your mom and dad. Not theirs, yours)

2) Nobody is left behind. If you and some people are going to a concert, you MUST invite this friend. Even though they may not be able to come. You invite them. Because that’s what you do. (exception: weddings, funerals, or boring things you are obligated to go to that they would hate)

3) If your friend is upset, you go to them. The end. This has no exception. Even if you did the upsetting you go and fix it. Because that is what friends do.

4) Say you have been a total jerk all week, you, being a good person, will text/call/facebook/ or just say something along the lines of “Hey, thanks for putting up with me this week” Just let them know you care. (exception: they are being a jerk too.)

5) Friends do NOT pay friends back. Unless it is a sum of above 1,000 dollars. However, friends lend any amount they can without question. (exception: moneys tight, or you have a big expense coming up that you cannot get out of) Also if you are doing the borrowing you take no more then you NEED

6) Friends do NOT let you walk around looking like an idiot all day. They tell you if you have crap in your teeth or your hair looks bad.

7) If it was said in the car, it stays in the car. Unless it is harmful to you or your friend. Then you tell your parents. Not theirs. That breaks rule 1.

8) Cardinal Rule: Anything, Anytime, Anywhere. No matter WHAT this rule gets followed. NO EXCEPTIONS. You do whatever it takes, whenever, wherever. No excuses. If nothing else remember this.


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