Sometimes all it takes is thinking you can. Now is not that time.

As children, many of us read The Little Engine That Could. In the story this teeny train engine is attempting to climb up this hill. The whole time this crazy little train is like “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”. Talk about determination. In the end he makes it up and everyone cheers, yay. However, I guess more realistically the best poet in the whole world said “If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain’t enough!” (Shel Silverstein) So if you haven’t had the joy of reading one of his books, come and find me, I will lend you one that I have! Oh my. Okay. So come on? Is thinking you can EVER enough? we hear it all the time. “I think I can do this.”, “Maybe if I just think about it.”. Thinking about something does not make it happen. Doing it does. Talk is cheap kids. The world is full of people who thought they could. You have to do something. Action. That’s it. This world was not built by a bunch of people just THINKING they could do something. The world is run by the do-ers. You’re either a do-er or a watch-er. Figure it out. It’s fine. Make mistakes. Fail. Run, Jump, Crash every now and then. But for Pete’s sake, be a do-er! Do not just sit and watch, and think you can. It’s a waste of time. My time, your time. Your time. Be big. Do something. Do not go through life a watcher. Because then that is all you will ever be. Just that guy who helped out with that one thing once I think, or maybe he just watched. Be extraordinary.


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