A Letter to Us.

Dear People I hate, people I love, and the kids I grew up with. Dear My Generation,

This is for us. This letter is to remind us of how good we’ve got it right now. Mom and Dad pay for everything. Read this back to yourself in about 5 years. Not anymore guys. Most of us are just kids, not parents. Read it back in 10 years. How much of high school still matters? No, I don’t mean the crap you learned in Algebra. I mean what you we’re. How you dressed, and what you wore. Does it matter? No? Good. Do you still have the same friends? I hope not. I hope you’ve matured and broadened your horizons. Did you go what you wanted to do? Does you’re family make you happy? I hope so. If I loved you, or hated you, or didn’t know you, I hope your life is wonderful now.


One comment

  1. uh… you better still be my friend~ idk what i would do without your overly-mature-for-your-age words of wisdom. Luv Ya!! ^^

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