200 Words About Yours Truly

Someday I want to move to a place where it is always sweater weather.

I think mittens are better than gloves.

I can sing, just not well, or quietly.

Most of the time I swear, it make me feel better.

I’d rather be weighed in Kilos than in Pounds because the Kilo number is lower.

I prefer a good diner to a 4 star restaurant.

My best friend makes a mean cake.

Sometimes I forget important things.

I often spill stuff.

I am incredibly pleased with myself for using “stuff” and “things” in this post.

Grammar Nazi-ing is sort of my thing sometimes.

I rarely think before I let words fly out of my mouth.

I honestly believe the best conversations happen in the car.

High school makes me worry about real life.

I think that all marriage should be legal.

I think lots of stuff should be legal.

Sometimes it is hard for me to talk to my peers, because they never understand me.

I do not know if this will be exactly 200 words.

When I let my mind wander, I think the best things.

I keep a legal pad and a pen next to my bed. Just in case.


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