10 years ago on this day was the event that would spark the war that our generation has grown up with. It wasn’t a day that Americans always look back at with pride, because for once, we couldn’t protect ourselves. All we could do was scramble around and pray that the fireman and police and everyone else could do all they could, and they did. We were totally exposed. However, instead of our whole lives falling to pieces we did something great. We became unified. They tried to destroy us, to show the world that even we could fall. We didn’t let them. What we did do, was show everyone that in the face of adversity, America will rise. Any struggle, any challenge, we get up, suit up, and fight as one. Not everyone is pro- war. But on a day like today, how can you be anything but Pro- America?

Everyone keeps saying that we should stop and think about that day. I don’t remember it perfectly, but I was in first grade. One of the other teachers called my teacher out into the hallway. We all were laughing and joking and playing around. She came back into the room, and walked to her desk at the back and cried. We were stunned. Once she had collected herself she walked to the front of the room and said that a very bad thing had happened in New York. None of us understood. We just sort of sat there quietly. She went back to teaching math, I believe. It wouldn’t be for a few more years, that my first grade class would know, just how bad it was. We would have no idea.

We’ve become young adults during the war. We know what happened. And finally we understand. I’d like to think that if anything were to happen to America in the future, we’d be able to do the same thing our parents, grandparents, and teachers did. We can unify, and fight for our country. Because that’s what we’ve been taught to do. So yeah, think back about this day ten years ago. It shaped us, but in no way did it break us. Don’t look back on it sadly. Look back on it with pride. For it was a day that America proved just how great it is.


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