We went, we danced, and we had a pretty good time.

On a lighter note…

Homecoming was last night. In true fashion, I found a dress, we bought a tie, he ordered flowers and payed for tickets. Dinner was at my house. A small group of friends gathered in my dining room for a wonderful meal my parents made (*low country boil and cornbread with key lime pie and red velvet cake for desert ) We took a gazillion photos from all different angles and many pleas from the photographers of “Oh, just one more!” and “Smile!” Over all it was quite a success.

Around 8:30 (about a half an hour late for the dance) we made our way to the high school. What a great night. Meeting up with everyone else was fantastic. Shouting to the other girls over the music “You look so pretty! Who did you’re hair? That’s a great dress!” and watching the boys stand and talk probably sound cliche, but it happens and it’s fun. When we gathered for the first “slow song” we were there for he and I made so many jokes about “room for Jesus” and he kept pointing out all of the weird couples trying to get me to look.

The dance was wonderful, the people were just gorgeous, and for an evening popularity almost didn’t matter. It was a great time.

*http://www.coastalliving.com/food/entertaining/lowcountry-boil-00400000001984/  (low country boil)





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