A Very Special How To: How To Manage High School

Note Little Ones, I said manage, not get super happy about, or do exponentially great. I said “manage”

1) Get yourself an agenda. If your school issues you one, it is probably to small and rather sucky. Get one that fits your needs. Here’s mine: http://bit.ly/pry9fg 

2) Make sure you have a crapload of pens and pencils. If you lose stuff often, get even more than normal people. Which I guess would be the big box. If you’re a writer, keep pencils EVERYWHERE (this is important for step 3) Make sure that you have these things around so you can grab one without wanting to tear your eyeballs out.

3) If you do happen to be a writer, save everything you write. You may want it for an upcoming paper. Did you write “Poodles have weird hair” on the coffee collar on your Starbucks cup? Keep that sucker. It may or may not be useful. Keep writing implements everywhere. You’ll thank me later.

4) Put your name (IN SHARPIE) on important things (ex: calculator, your sacred planner book, binders, and other important stuff) More likely than not, someone will turn it into the office if it has a name on it. Better chance of getting it back.

5) Make friends. I know that sounds dumb, but make real friends. Ones that you WANT to hang out with, or just sit at home in track pants and t shirts and watch old TV reruns with. You will need them just as much as you need the planner book. If not more so.

6) Play a sport or be in the Band. It will keep you in fairly decent(ish) shape and give you something fun to do/ help you make friends. Plus it’s a great way to set goals for yourself.

7)  Don’t be afraid to wear sweats more than once a week. No one else gives a crap.

So boys and girls, I hope this is helpful. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Soon soccer will be over (Sadness) and I might have some free time to write more for you. To keep up with my crazy follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/emilymock or on pinterest http://pinterest.com/mock/ OR follow Sole Purpose and all of its glory on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DFSolePurpose

Alrighty, have a great week.


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