For the past three days I have been absolutely positive that I was failing my college chemistry class. The following inner monologue went about in my brain:

I’m failing. f a i l i n g. That is a major problem. Okay, well I’ll just go check my grades…Oh SWEET JESUS this is not high school, there is no grade checking. So just do the averages of all the grades…..WHY DO I KEEP GETTING 27….crapcrapcrapcrap. My folks are going to kill me dead (insert more panic)” 

So as fun as that was, I’d really rather never ever ever do that ever do that again. Nothing is fun about worrying so bad that you don’t want to eat (not even cake or mac and cheese) or play soccer or do anything other than refresh your computer screen until midterm grades appear.  That’s just not good for your health. Or mine. Yeah, really bad for my health. I’ve neglected other things. Not because of worrying, mostly just because I’m lazy. BUT! While I was worrying about being to horrible at chemistry to become a doctor and figuring I’d have to spend the rest of my life becoming a writer (gah) I could have a) cleaned my room b)cleaned my car c) gotten decent sleep d)all of the freakin’ above. Right now, I could be in bed trying to disable my brain from firing equations and science through my head. Instead though, I am writing for you. At 20 minutes until tomorrow, I’m writing. Because it’s so much easier than trying to shut off my brain.

Oh, and for you nosy people, I am in fact NOT failing chem.

For you who worry: 50% of the stuff you worry about, never happens.

For those of you who want to web stalk me:

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Goodnight Children






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