About Writing

Some folks say that writing is a process. Hemingway only wrote in the morning, and he was one of the best writers of his time, maybe all time. Does that really mean we should all write in the morning? Probably not. If you can’t tell or don’t read my blog often, I write at all times of day, or night. You can search back and find posts from two in the afternoon to three thirty in the morning and so on. I don’t really believe in a writing process. There is nothing inside of me that says I must write at eight a.m. in my living room with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I’m listening to music, sometimes it’s completely silent. This fine morning I do happen to be in my living room with a cup of coffee (Ironic). But it’s almost ten o’clock already and I have yet to shower or even change out of my pajamas. If you write with a process, that’s awesome. Write with what works for you. It’s a lot like living, if you get the analogy. We’re essentially all doing the same thing we just have different ways of doing it and getting there. I write when the little writer man in my brain says “I’ve got something to say, let’s write a piece!” Maybe you’re like Hemingway. You like writing everyday, early in the morning. Go for it. Notice though, even Hemingway knew not everything he wrote was great. He told F. Scott Fitzgerald once “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-nine pages of crap. I try to leave the crap in the wastebasket.” He was a rather humble man. That’s really the whole point here. Understand that to be a good writer, you don’t have to use the same process as Steinbeck or Hemingway. You just have to write.


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