We round the end of yet another year, and I don’t find myself wondering where it all went. I probably only really speak for myself when I say that, but it feels pretty good. Did I do everything I wanted to do? Nope. Is that okay? Yeah. It is what it is. All I can do now is hope that everything goes well next year. All we can do it work towards making next year great. I don’t want to roll around here in a year and be saying to myself how I wish I’d taken more chances, been more outgoing or lost more weight. Next year, at this time, I want to look back and think about how hard everything was, and also how worth it it was. I think sometimes we get caught in our own self pity and don’t think about how we could’ve done better and then just wallow until it’s too late. I want to read all my books and get good grades and be a better friend. I don’t have to wait until January first to get started on that, because in a week, I am going to wish I’d started today. Carpe diem they say. Well guys, they’re right. Don’t wait until a new year to do all the things you want to. Start today, that way next week, you wont be wishing you stopped all the waiting.


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