Date A Guy Who Writes

Date a guy who writes. A guy who totes around moleskin notebooks in his backpack. You’ll know him when you see him. He’s the one with sharpened down pencils tucked behind his ear. There’s sheets upon sheets of loose binder paper literally everywhere.

Date a guy who writes because he understands mistakes. He’ll understand when you need to start fresh. It’ll just be like a new sheet of paper in the same notebook. A guy who writes will understand why you want to hold onto your past. He’ll probably equate it to the shoeboxes full of completed notebooks.

A writer will know everything about you. He’s incredibly observant. He’ll remember that you like green tea on Saturday mornings, and that pink flowers are your favorite. Date a guy who rights because he’ll love to remember things about you.

Date a writer because he’ll write foryou. When you have a bad day at work, he’ll write you a goofy poem. Or when it’s your birthday, it’ll be a song. And when your standing in the kitchen shouting at each other because you just can’t figure out where everything went wrong, he’s rummaging in his pockets for a sheet of notebook paper and you shout “What are you looking for?” he pulls out an old, folded sheet of binder paper and starts reading off random things. Slowly you’ll realize that they’re about you. and then the fights fade away.

Date a guy who writes, because he’s good. Date a guy who writes because he’ll love you for everything about you. Writers know details better than anyone. Date a guy who writes because even if just for a while, you will be his only focus. It’ll show in his writing, and it may just be the best he’s ever written. And that’s got to be the best feeling in the world.


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