Let’s get something straight right off the bat, friendship isn’t like the movies. It takes a lot of work, and sometimes it even gets down right difficult. But you need people. They say that no man is an island and they’re right. I get that there are times when it feels like no one cares, or no one understands, or like you have literally no one. But it comes down to the do or die moments where you make the conscious decision to keep a friend. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they found out in high school that they have no real friends. We constantly complain about “fake” people. But do we ever take the time to get past the false part of people? Now, you know this is something even you do, we build up these walls in our lives. These personas we have for different people. To my best friend I am a compassionate, empathetic person, but I’m not like that with strangers. I’m more soft spoken in front of authority figures and significantly more outgoing with my peers. Does that make me fake? Maybe. Does that make me less of an honest person? If it does, and you have to think really hard about this, but doesn’t it make you a less honest person too? I don’t mind if you have a set standard you judge people by, that’s on you. But before you go and declare someone fake, take a look at yourself and see if what you’ve found in them isn’t just you pointing out the walls they’ve built up. You want them to talk about everything that ever happened to them? You can’t expect that from people; it’s not fair. We all have stuff we don’t like to talk about. Even more so, we all have stuff we don’t want others poking around in. That doesn’t make someone fake, it makes them human. And well, if you’re judging people on human faults then I’m not sure what you think you are. People are basically good. That’s the entire point here. But he’ll hath no fury like an angry person. So if you want people in your life, people you can call when your car breaks down, or people who will listen when you talk to them, you have to stop judging everyone and let somebody just be who they are.


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