The Fault in our Stars

I have read The Fault in our Stars exactly twice. The first time I read it, I finished it in about a day and a half. Something inside of me felt like I hade missed a huge chunk of the book. So, in order to locate and revel in that chunk, when I read it this time, I went through it with a felt tipped highlighter. I think that helped.

First off, this novel was absolutely brilliant. I’m not saying that just because I love John Green. I do love him. I’m saying this because there is something so charismatic about the way he writes, that I can’t really it it down in words. Reading books written by John Green is incredibly reminiscent of being about five years old, hunkered down in the warmth of my bed, caught in that wonderful state between awake and asleep. John manages to recreate that feeling while I am sitting in the doctor’s office, or lying in the couch. So, this novelist made great mostly by the fact that John is a genius.

The Fault in our Stars (TFioS) is based around the life of the average teenage terminal cancer patient. I don’t want to give a lot away. This novel is so full of everything you would want in a book. It’s light, but only for a moment. And then, it’s tragic for a while. TFioS has the perfect balance of happiness, light, romance, tragedy, and triumph. It is written in a way that ripped my heart out, stomped on it,and then put it back in my chest. The way John writes his character’s is just as brilliant as you’d expect. He allows you to fall in love with them. You don’t think you will ,but you really start caring about these crazy kids, and then you’re invested. A writer that can get you invested deserves nothing less that to be dubbed a saint.

I know, I didn’t really tell you what happens in the book. But that’s because YOU HAVE TO READ IT. My copy is currently out, but you have to go to the bookstore or the library or something and you have to buy this book, and you have to read it. Then you will see. It teaches. That’s got to be the best thing. It teaches you. And it teaches something new. Every. Time.

Okay, my book rant is done.



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