We Will Unite

I am a child.

I am a child who belongs to two straight people.

I am a child who belongs to two straight people who have instilled in me the idea that race, gender, sexuality, mental ability, and education do not make a person.

The big one right now is sexuality. I’ve discussed this quite a bit in the past, but I’ll bring it up again. It is 2013. We are so far beyond this. We are better than this. America is a country built on freedom. It is a country built on the desire for equality.

It is a country that now looks back at the Civil Rights Movement and says “Why were we so horrible to other human beings because they were a different color?” We used to not be okay with interracial marriage. Remember that? How dumb was that?

Honestly, I can’t even imagine. It’s time we stop using our religious beliefs to defend our views on this topic.

I’m talking to you, Christians.

The Bible is a wonderful piece. A belief in Christ is a wonderful thing. Using the Bible and Christ to decide that other humans can’t get married is ridiculous. Not everyone subscribes to my belief in God. That’s okay! I don’t mind.

I do mind that my friends who are madly, deeply in love can’t get married to each other because they are both women or just because they are both men. Because sure, they love other women and some people aren’t okay with that. But they still love the way anyone loves. Does it really make sense to ban love?

I live in a free country. That includes the freedom to marry whomever I choose. That includes the freedom to love whomever I choose. It’s a beautiful thing.

We will unite for Marriage Equality because love is love. Discrimination is unacceptable. Hate is unacceptable. It’s time to get on the Equality train, because this is happening.

It’s about time.


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