We are Americans.

We win wars after attacks like Pearl Harbor.

We don’t rest after tragedies like 9/11.

We run toward bomb blasts to protect, and save strangers.

America will not be broken by this. We will not be beaten into submission. Terror makes us stronger. It makes us braver. It gives us a desire for togetherness. Tragedy compels us to open our homes to strangers. It leads us to finish marathons and continue running to donate blood for the injured. Tragedy causes us to run into danger, because there might be a chance we can do something.

This is a country I want to be in. I could not be more honored to grow up in a place where we put ourselves in danger for the protection of others. Americans are a “we” nation. There is no individual in a time like this. There are Americans.

We are one nation, and one people. We will continue to do everything we can for each other. We will continue to be proud of our country. We will continue to fight for the freedom, and dignity of one another.

Because we.





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