Let’s talk about two of the five things you don’t discuss at dinner parties: God and gays. I know. I heard you cringe. I get it. Calm down.

Being a Christian and being queer has proven to be more of a challenge than just being one of the two ever was. You get attacked on almost all ends here. Your ‘re gay, so no one assumes faith in Christ. Your friends (who for some reason are mostly agnostic or atheistic all together) will question your sanity due to your god, and your fellow Christians will question your righteousness due to your biology.

There is no way to win here.

The first time you go to Bible study as an “out” queer person, I hope they don’t try to save you. I hope they look at you, and see the light of God in your smile, in the way your courageously volunteer to pray at the close. I hope they see you. And if the group leader comes up to you afterwards, and talks about Leviticus, the healing power of Christ, and loving the sinner but hating the sin, calmly remind him the Jesus Christ is your savior. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Remind him that you’re trying to make peace. You do not have to show them that your love for your God is authentic. God knows. He loves you.

When they tell you you’re sinning, remind them that they can only cast that stone if they stand before you pure of heart. I swear, they drop the rock every single time.

If they question your faith, tell them that Christ left you two commands. Love God. Love everyone else. Love them. Even them.

Ask your God for the serenity, courage, and wisdom. Understand that you will not change some people. That’s all right. Your God is for you. I promise.

When you are out to coffee with the cute girl from your chemistry class, and she asks if you were raised religious, do not allow your heart to jump through that pain of sheet glass when she replies “But you’re so bright?” to your meek “Yes, I still am.” Understand that your faith does not negate your intellect. Understand that it does not negate your sexuality.

People will see what they want to see. Some will see Christ in you; others will see you only for the gender you love. Don’t let what others choose to see in you define who you are.

Don’t back down. Don’t give up. Your God throws mountains into the sea. He has overcome this world.


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  1. Emily, are you familiar with http://www.patheos.com? It’s tagline is “hosting the conversation on faith.” It has a “faith channel” called “Progressive Christian,” and I think you might find some of the articles and blogs helpful–especially the writings from Kimberly Wright on “Coming Out Christian.” There’s other great stuff on the channel as well that I believe will resonate with you when you’re craving biblical and theological insights from a less-traditional perspective.

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