Stop Light Living

My whole life has been a series of reaching average childhood goals like walking, talking, learning to ride a bike, not dying of pneumonia or embarrassment. I’ve been stuck reaching these mundane milestones, and apparently I got bored enough to stick a few extras in there.

I leave for college in about ten months. My friends say that this is the fastest ten months of my life. Based on the schools I’m looking at, in a year I could still be in good ole Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, or Florida. In a year I’ll be learning how to be a doctor, I’ll be doing something that could very well change the world. But I can’t focus on it. I’m sitting at this red light right now. And not in a bad way.

I’m sitting at this red light, and I’m basking in the warm sunlight. I’m perfectly happy to sit at this light for the next ten months. I just have to remember that, when the time comes, I have to take my foot off the break and slam the gas. It’s going to be a blurry haze of college applications, and test scores, and scholarships essays for the next few months.

I’m doing this whole college thing the way I learned to ride a bike: wildly excited and absolutely terrified. I couldn’t be happier.


Life’s to Short to Skip the Bacon


So you went to get dinner and you ordered a salad with no dressing and a water. Awesome. Your’e thinking ‘dude, thats only two points I could like have one oreo when I get home! Yes.’ They bring out your food and I look at you and smile as they put my bacon cheese burger down in front of me. You ask me why I would eat that when it is so bad for me. I just smirk and inform you that life is indeed to short to skip the bacon.  Then you’re all over me about the stupid cheeseburger. You’re shouting off stats and carbs and all sorts of other things I don’t care about. Now, I am so not saying I promote gluttony. I’m saying that if you want the burger, get the bacon. If bacon is a choice get it. I don’t just mean on your burger. It’s easier to do things if they’re a little more fun. I’d rather plow up the backyard with some music and cold water then when the stereo’s broken and somebody just took the last water. Part of the more bacon deal however, is that when you have the choice to add it to your meal you’ve got to do it then. The next place you go might not do bacon. SO taste it while you can. Life is short. So turn up the music. Wear the shirt you want. Drive fast, work hard, play often and don’t be afraid of some bacon every now and then.