Quitting Makes You a Quitter.

If I’ve learned anything in the 16 years I’ve been wandering about here, it’s about quitting. I’ve learned that if you care about something enough, you don’t just give up on it. Even if you don’t like it (and trust me, it’s possible to care about something you hate), you wake up in the morning, and put a smile on your face, and do it. If you don’t like the team your put on, you don’t quit. Even if you hate the coach, and the rest of your team mates don’t want to be on the field, you go to practice everyday. You lace up your cleats, pick your chin up, push your shoulders back, and give it 100% no matter what. It’s your team, and whether you like it or not, you’re there. People are the same way. You don’t give up on them. If you care about them enough, you fight for them. Nobody quits on someone they care about; no one lets them walk out the door. They say loving someone means letting them go. I don’t think so. Loving someone means caring enough to fight for them, and then when that doesn’t work, it means gaining the courage to look them in the eyes and ask them to stay. You don’t let someone walk out of your life. You stand up every time and fight for the friendship, relationship, marriage, whatever. You fight until you have no fight left in you, then you fight some more. When you’ve done that, when you have stripped every ounce of fight from your body, if they still leave, you’ve done all you could. You fought. That doesn’t make you a quitter. That makes you a fighter. Nobody quits on something or someone they love. Because quitting means you didn’t care enough to pull yourself off the floor and try. And nobody wants to be the person that no one ever fought for. No one. So don’t let that person go. Don’t let that something go. Fight for it. You have the strength. They say what doesn’t kill you…


Make Your Own Way

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost you are the speaker and the writer downer of my thoughts and feelings. You are brilliant. But why did you have to go on one of the two paths set in front of you? It’s too easy that way. The paths that are perfectly visible and available are fine if you want to take the easy way. Frost was in fact a brilliant poet, but that is all he was: a poet. He took the path LESS traveled by. So he was remembered as a risk taker. Okay, sure that’s alright if risk taker is all you want to be remembered as. But the truly great don’t take the path less traveled by. The Brilliant of this world have taken make themselves a path. They sail out into uncharted territory and either discover and become even more brilliant, or they die trying. Chris Columbus, Bill Gates, Rosa Parks, they all charted out for themselves a brand new way. They decided something had to be changed or made different, and instead of just taking an already marked, more difficult way they walked into the nothing and made something great of themselves. Robert Frost is not anyone’s hero. Maybe their favorite poet, but he’s no one’s motivation. All he did was walk a path only a few others had. His life was significant, but he had to share the significance with all the others who walked in his way prior to. If you set out a new way for yourself, then that’s all you bud. It’s your way. Who knows if it’ll dead end or work out or not go very far? Nobody. Not you, not your mom, not Frost. Your best bet though is to make your life as significant as possible. No one remembers second place. “If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing. ” Branch out. Make your own way. Be brilliant. Yeah.